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Turkey Green Housing Certificate


As it is known, international environmental assessment systems that are increasingly used in the world, LEED and BREEAM, are based in the United States of America and England, respectively. The LEED evaluation system has developed since 1994 and BREEAM has grown since 1990 , creating awareness all over the world and has become a certificate requested in building projects. (1,2)

These two leading systems, also known as green building certification systems, are the first to define "green buildings" in the global sense; They have announced to us with their organized and systematic work in many aspects such as scoring systems and success degrees, and they have created a new market area for developing both sustainable and profitable investments in the construction sector.

In Turkey, the first national green building evaluation system has been established under the leadership of ÇEDBİK (Environment Friendly Green Buildings Association) , which has been operating in the field of green buildings since 2007, and its third version was prepared in 2016 for new residences. (3)

This Evaluation System is divided into 9 main titles and is scored as shown in the table below. ( Note: In the table, you can see the titles and the points given by moving the mouse over the column. )

ÇEDBİK-Housing Certificate Scoring Details
Certificate Types That Can Be Earned According To The Points To Be Earned

Note: For more details, please refer to the ÇEDBİK Residence Certificate Guide published on the ÇEDBİK website.


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