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Finding answers to these and similar questions on the site, sustainable materials and in this sense standards that may be related to the sustainable approach alongside the promotion of issues on strategies, structural engineering, projects, news, events, books and more sustainable blogs, forums   and the topics on the Homepage : Sustainable Developments from Turkey and the World, and aim to provide information and share through the Climate Change sections.

An important part of sustainable living spaces are the materials and products we use. Which of these materials are sustainable or how sustainable are they or are they very important ?

Nowadays, as time passes, we come across with the concept of sustainable buildings, environments, green projects, environmentally friendly materials or somehow " sustainability". Well, what is sustainability, what is it not ?

Smalzes with Trademark Registration Certificate were registered on 02/11/2016 for ten years from 20/07/2015 by the Turkish Patent Institute.

Smalzerler logo is a registered trademark.

While sustainability deals with local problems, it deals with globally life-threatening problems, climate change, and global warming. Is sustainability an issue that only concerns environmentalists ?

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I find on this site?

We will try to keep the site as dynamic as possible.

* Although the name of the site is Sustainable Materials , you can find topics, news, projects about sustainability within the framework of environment, social life and economy,

* Follow and comment on blog posts we have written,

* Participate in forum topics (you only need to register for this) and

* At the same time, we can communicate products that you believe to be sustainable materials and promote them under appropriate conditions (as stated on the Material Introduction page),

* You can get information about the current internationally recognized sustainable material standards,

* " Subscribe   By writing your e-mail address in the "section, you can inform you about the current developments on the site,

* Reading Corner With, you can review the relevant free and up-to-date resources that catch our eye on the internet.

As we mentioned above, since the site is suitable for dynamically renewed, new options can be added in the future or existing topics can be removed.



Who is this site designed for?

Sustainable structures have been created for people of all groups, with or without knowledge of environments, materials. In general, the aim is to spread sustainable understanding as much as possible and to become more conscious. In order to revive this situation more, projects that develop in terms of sustainability in our environment, for example; renewable energy plants, sustainable superstructure projects, LEED and / or BREEAM projects and news, publications, exhibitions, seminar dates, aired a documentary on this subject on the blog in the areas where we add our comments on the page to add their own comments or more architects who want to follow, city planning, We think that groups working in engineering fields, instructors and students can benefit more from this site.

At the same time, this site has been designed as a place of trust between sustainable material producers and customers looking for sustainable materials. For this purpose, creating and expanding a sustainable material data information system and adding customer comments about these products are among the goals. However, this progress is a process that can improve over time.   He desires that the expert on the subject be the reader himself.

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Can I get more information about you?

The site founder worked for a certain period of time as a civil engineer, and after one year of intensive research on sustainable buildings and renewable energy at the University of Dundee in Scotland, he completed his master's degree. On top of that, in the field of green buildings, by participating in the exams organized by the internationally recognized USGBC (US Green Building Council) organization, LEED AP BD + C (Accredited Professional Building Design and Construction)   has become a professional member. The awareness of the importance of this area made the establishment of such a site necessary in his eyes.

His areas of interest are sustainable buildings, renewable energy, passive houses, zero carbon houses, self-sufficient cities. For more information, please see onur.nurdogan.


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