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Terms of Use: may always make changes in the format of this website. may suspend the activity of this website during the updating of the content or support or maintenance work for other reasons, and always has the right to terminate access to this website without any notice. from all kinds of information that can be taken (written or visual) web site link that can be shared if the web address shown source so that it can be easily seen. Likewise, care is taken to share the contents (written or visual) on the websites of third parties by referring to the links of the relevant third parties. supports and respects the sharing of information by referring to it.

In-Site Usage may give links to other sites within the "Portal". For this reason, it does not bear any responsibility for the privacy practices and contents of the sites accessed through the link.

In the case of subscription within the site, it cannot be held responsible for errors, comments, deletion, loss and similar situations that occur during the use of the forum, and no rights can be claimed thereon. The site user is deemed to have accepted these terms in advance.

Forum Usage and Comments Area

The e-mail address required for forum membership is not shared with third parties unless there is legal permission. A limited number of topics can be opened in the forum. It must be related to newly opened topics, comments posted, content and topics on the site. In cases where these opened topics and comments do not contain relevant content, publication titles are not allowed. Likewise, the comments section placed on the site is evaluated in the same way. During the filling of these sections, users do not have the right to use profanity, threats, provocation, disturbing words and illegal content and damage the legal and personal rights of others.

Changing the Terms of Use reserves the right to change, add or renew these terms of use without giving any prior notice or any reason. These pages have the recent and updated versions. By using these web pages, the user agrees to be limited to the current version.

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