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Privacy Policy:

As site, we respect your privacy rights and strive to ensure this during the time you spend on our site. In every area where you can interact with us on our site, we take the following steps to keep your privacy and security at the highest possible level and the applications used.

Subscribe Area

Your e-mail addresses are never shared with third parties after you have signed up in this area, unless they have legal permissions. The reason why your e-mail address is requested here is to make you aware of the developments and news within the site first and to help you to follow this from your own e-mail box.

Facebook and other social plug-ins

We use other Twitter and Google+ plugins in order to get the opinions of visitors about the site on our site, and to share the topics on the site with the "Like" plugin of the social network of When you use these plugins, the information will be sent directly to your social network via your browser.

user profile uses tools (eg Google, Bing Webmaster) to generate visit statistics, Google Analytics, a service for the number of visitors and web analytics, and the creation of web agreements adapted to user requirements. The tools used to collect statistics on visitors will use the information sent to analyze your use of the website, to report the activities on the page to and to implement other services related to internet usage on this page. The web analytics services also send this information to other parties that process it as required by law or on behalf of third party statistical tools. These services never collect information about specific individuals.


We publish advertisements for companies from outside on our site (Google, etc.). These advertisements may contain cookies and cookie information may be collected by these companies and it is not possible for us to access this information. We Google Adsense, etc. we work with companies. Please read their confidentiality agreements on their respective pages.

Changes, additions or deletions to these specified privacy policies can be made at any time. New applications that attach to the site become effective immediately after they are placed on the site. Users who visit the site are deemed to have accepted these changes.

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