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Sustainable Organizations in Turkey


On this page, we tried to compile a list of organizations that contribute to the growing awareness of sustainability in Turkey and support its economic development. You can find some short basic information such as the year of foundation, purpose, studies and the web pages of these valuable organizations below for you to examine in more detail.

WRI (World Resources Institute) TURKEY Sustainable Cities

Year of Establishment: Started to work in 2005.

Objective: It is a non-governmental organization that supports the examination and implementation of urban sustainable transportation, urban development and infrastructure issues.

Studies: Application areas in Turkey: Integrated transportation, Urban development and accessibility, Health and road safety, Energy efficiency in buildings, sustainable transportation and urban activities in our cities of Antalya, Bolu, Eskişehir, İstanbul, İzmir, Kayseri, Kocaeli, Konya, Sakarya and Şanlıurfa. organizes projects that will make a difference in terms of development, create awareness and direct the most effective use of investments. (For example, solutions to Istanbul - Islands transportation problems, Eskişehir - More energy efficient buildings project.) At the same time, these studies are published by the organization in written and oral form, along with symposiums and reports.

Internet address:

SKD Turkey - Business World and Sustainable Development Association

Year of Establishment: It started to work in 2004.

Objective: Research, analysis, publication, training, etc. in order to better understand the foundations of Sustainable Development and to ensure that it is adopted and put into practice in the Business World. to support it with studies. Another aim is to prepare these studies in cooperation with organizations such as decision makers, companies, non-governmental organizations and universities.

Studies: Sustainability has been handled as a very comprehensive topic. Working groups were formed for more detailed studies. These:

  • Transition to Low Carbon Economy and Efficiency

  • Access to Sustainable Agriculture and Food

  • Sustainable Industry and Circular Economy

  • Social Inclusion and Inclusion

The programs he follows internationally are listed as Rio20 Process , Vision 2050 and Action 2020 . It is within the scope of efforts to encourage and promote projects from the business world on sustainable development.

Internet address:

ÇEDBİK - Environment Friendly Green Buildings Association

Establishment Year: It was established in 2007.

Purpose: It was established to support the development of the building sector in Turkey in line with sustainable principles.

Studies: It organizes trainings, panels, conferences in order to raise awareness about green buildings or sustainable buildings in the construction sector and the society and to contribute to production, and it develops and works to disseminate exemplary projects and working models for local administrations, universities, public and private sectors.

Apart from the announcement of US-based LEED and UK-based BREEAM certificates, which are among the most well-known green building evaluation certificates in the world, they have developed ÇEDBİK-Residence Certificate System in order to be more suitable for the conditions of Turkey at the local level. For example; The Antteras project, consisting of 88 residences, has been awarded the ÇEDBİK-Housing certificate.

Currently, BUILD UPON Participates in the project meetings defined as (European building renovation strategies cooperation project) and prepares study reports.

Internet address:

EVF - Energy Efficiency Forum

Establishment Year: It was established in 2009.

Purpose: Creating, spreading and supporting energy efficiency awareness, led by government policies.

Studies: In line with the current policies, achieving the target of 20% improvement in energy efficiency at the beginning of the 2023 plans and within this scope, both public, private and non-governmental organizations are working in cooperation. EVF organizes events such as panels, sessions and fairs throughout the year to promote this target.

Internet address:

SÜRATAM - Sustainable Production R&D and Design Center

Year of Establishment: It is the first and only Center in Turkey, founded by the private sector in 2014 and supported by the industry.

Objective: To conduct research and development for more sustainable production in Turkey, to provide training, to create energy and resource efficient production areas in accordance with the principles of sustainable design and life cycle assessment (LCA).

Studies: It leads the establishment of the Life Cycle Assessment system suitable for the conditions of Turkey. It has set up a web page to support the promotion of materials that are accepted in green building evaluation systems. ( ) It is among the studies of determining the energy density according to the industrial organizations of Turkey and making comparisons accordingly. SÜRATAM academic board contributes to the development of TurCoMDat (a database that scientifically publishes the environmental performance of building materials produced in Turkey in accordance with international standards and norms ). Fields of activity are specified under four headings: Production and Design, R&D, Sustainable Buildings and Süratam Ventures (Sustainable projects support studies) For detailed information;

Internet address:

SEPEV - Zero Energy and Passive House Association

Year of Establishment: It was established in 2012.

Purpose: To introduce design and applications in Passive House standards, to combine traditional Turkish architecture with understanding and technique, to support studies on Passive House in Turkey, to undertake research and to organize trainings in this regard.

Studies: The association, which was established in Ankara, continues to restore a detached house in the Ankara-Etimesgut district in accordance with the existing Passive House (EnerPHit) standards in order to become the association address. Passive House organizes trainings and exams throughout the year.

Internet address:

GÜNDER - International Solar Energy Society Turkey Section

Established: Established in 1992

Purpose: It continues its activities in line with the purposes of developing science and technology in the application of solar energy, spreading its use, and encouraging education.

Studies: In the solar energy sector, the development of domestic production carries out production-research-development activities and encourages companies. It cooperates with international organizations and creates a communication channel with the local sector. Some exemplary projects they have carried out and are ongoing:

  • Green Design Project in the Village

  • Hundred Thousand Roofs Project

  • The Project of Redefining the Actors involved in Turkey's Solar Power Generation by Benefiting from the German Solar Sector Experience

  • PV Financing

At the same time, GÜNDER continues to work in order to keep the sector dynamic with many different activities such as magazine, trainings and data bank.

Internet address:

ÇEVKO Foundation - Environmental Protection and Packaging Waste Utilization Foundation

Establishment Year: It was established in 1991.

Objective: To contribute to the establishment of a sustainable recycling system for the economical and regular recycling of packaging wastes in Turkey with the support of industry, local government and consumers.

Activities: In order to announce the sustainable recycling activities related to the environment to the public, it gives the " Green Dot " sign (meaning that the company that puts the product on the market fulfills its legal obligations regarding the recycling of packaging waste) and organizes award ceremonies among the companies that have won this mark during the year. It shares the magazines published under the name of “ Çevko Transformation” until 2016 on its website. He continues his studies under the titles of Industry Studies, Waste Management and ÇEVKO Communication Portal (ÇİP).

Internet address:

Energy Efficiency Association

Year of Establishment: It was established in 2013.

Purpose: The primary goal is to raise awareness about energy efficiency and thus to raise awareness. At the same time, it is to obtain objective information by making scientific and technical researches, to share the obtained information with public institutions and citizens and to increase energy efficiency.

Activities: They organize reports, programs and various activities throughout the year within the scope of energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is evaluated in six different areas. These:

  • Energy Lady

  • Energy Kid

  • Energy Efficient Industry

  • Energy Efficient Transportation

  • Energy Efficient Product Label

Internet address:

VERIMDER - Energy Efficiency in Buildings Association

Year of Establishment: -

Purpose: The mission is to raise the awareness of citizens about heat insulation, energy efficiency and saving in our buildings and thus reach everyone in time. As a country that imports energy, it has been established in order to take measures against potential dangers by addressing the economy and global climate change from the production to consumption of energy, in order to consume energy effectively and efficiently and to save at the same time.

Activities: To organize information and training seminars, to produce solutions and to make joint efforts.

It provides support with its knowledge and experience on the compliance of regulations with EU and other world standards.

Fields of activity:

  • Public Benefit Activities

  • Cooperation Activities with University, Scientific Institutions and Research and Development Institutions

  • Standardization Activities

  • Cooperation Activities

  • Education Promotion and Publication Activities

Internet address:

Note: In terms of sustainability, we will continue to add and give information to organizations that have just started or overlooked in Turkey.

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