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Hycrete Concrete Admixtures


Concrete Maximum Waterproofing Protection

Integrated waterproofing One of the main materials of Hycrete, the waterproofing additive W1000 dramatically reduces the ingress of water in contact with the concrete surface. Due to its porous structure, ordinary concrete mixtures absorb water and dissolved salts, allow water to penetrate into the concrete and cause corrosion in the steel, causing significant strength weaknesses and cracks in the concrete.

W1000 additive reduces water absorption rate of 1% or less in concrete and helps to protect reinforcement in concrete. It provides protection against corrosion in the reinforcement as less water and less chloride can penetrate the concrete. There is no need for other materials such as bitumen coating and membrane insulation coating, saving is made and it also helps to save time in the construction process.

What internationally recognized standards does it have in terms of sustainability?

It is a certification system that evaluates the sustainability values of the material and environmental and health criteria from the first production to its final use. Click on the logo for detailed information about the standard.

According to this system, Hycrete Concrete Admixtures have achieved C2C Gold certification. The degrees he received according to the titles in the C2C evaluation system:

* Material health - Platinum

* Material reutilization - Gold

* Renewable energy and carbon management - Gold

* Water stewardship - Gold

* Social fairness - Gold

Click to reach the material certificate.

C2C Gold certificate has been taken for W500, W502, W1000, W1002, X1000, X1001, M1000 additives and the certificate is valid until November 2017. You can review the C2C page for details .

To prevent water from penetrating into the concrete. Hycrete W1000 allows less than 1% water permeability.

What are the main application areas?

For purchase or for more detailed information ...

* Under-Foundation Concrete Applications and Elevator Shaft Foundation

* Plazas and Podium Decks

* Retaining Walls

* Green Roofs

* Belts

* Temporary Roofs

* Pools and Water Structures

* Park Structures

* Balconies

* Water Tanks

* Tunnels

* Water and Waste Water Systems

* Ready-mixed concrete

* Architectural / Decorative Concrete

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