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Information Required for Sustainable Material Promotion:

Why do you think your material is sustainable?

First of all, you need to tell us about your material. We need to know what are the advantages of using this material over other materials of the same type in terms of sustainability.

What are the standards your material has?

What are the internationally recognized standards that the material has previously and up-to-date, and when it has been obtained. Are there any of these standards specified on this site? We need to find answers to questions such as whether there are mechanisms that we can control the standards we have regarding this material in an open manner.

Continuity of the material ...

Standard criteria are updated periodically, they may be more challenging. Therefore, the material quality is expected to increase at the same rate. If there is a decrease in the current quality or the compliance of the material with the standards is questionable, it is not appropriate to introduce those materials.

Customer happiness...

The comments of customers who have used the material before are taken into account, and products that are not satisfied or cannot be identified as sustainable are checked. Although it is not thought that such situations will be encountered often, that material cannot be introduced in the future according to customer satisfaction.

Being economical ...

Despite the fact that a material is very expensive, sustainable and environmentally friendly, the economic aspect cannot be ignored. For this reason, similar products are compared and the price difference, if any, is explained during the promotion.

Renewable Energy materials and equipment ...

We attach importance to the promotion of clean energy products that can be obtained from nature in terms of sustainability. Such elements will primarily be compared with international price and performance values and it is planned to be mentioned as information during possible promotion.

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