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Obama, New Order - Clean Energy Plan


President of the United States, Obama, the world's most powerful name, calls for the fight against climate change: "This is not an opinion, this is a FACT - This is not an opinion, this is a FACT." And President Obama continues:

"Continuing scientific studies show that our Earth, globally, is witnessing an increase in the mean temperature of the earth never before in history. We can see and feel it. Increasing sea levels, extreme weather events, natural disasters such as severe storms, long periods of droughts, forest fires." it became more frequent and harder to compensate for and more dangerous.

Climate change is no longer a problem for future generations, but our problem. Therefore, as the Obama administration, at the beginning of August, the CLEAN ENERGY PLAN is publishing its final version.

Until today, the US did not impose any legal action for carbon emission. However, the other toxic chemicals Mercury (Hg), Sulphate (S), Arsenic (As) limited its mixing into air and water, and that worked for all of us. When we look now, existing power plants and energy production centers can still throw an unlimited amount of CARBON emissions into the air we breathe. This situation needs to be changed for the health and safety of future generations. For this reason, it is aimed to reduce electricity bills, create safe service and new business areas, and thus move the world on this path, while ensuring that the necessary conditions are met to reduce this pollution by working with regional administrations and companies in the energy sector.

In order to support sustainable work and smart systems, and to raise awareness of our communities on these issues, it should be dragged and made effort. It is time for us, everyone, to take action in tackling climate change for our future generations. "

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