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CO2 exceeded 400 ppm levels


The biggest cause of Earth's warming is Carbon Dioxide (CO2) pollution. (one)

Before the industrialization period, the CO2 level was around 280 ppm for about 800 thousand years. However, a sharp increase has been observed since the 20th century and continues to be seen. (one)

CO2 is an important heat trapping (greenhouse gas) gas released into the atmosphere as a result of natural processes such as respiration and volcanic eruptions, as well as human activities such as deforestation activities and burning fossil fuels. (2nd)

Havadaki C02 değişimi

Photo Source: You can examine the visually quite effective presentation at In addition, if there is no change in the current carbon emissions, you can follow how the estimated increase in CO2 gas emissions will be.

CO2 is currently hovering at just over 400 ppm. So where is the dangerous value ? 450 ppm , which we could reach by 2040 . Beyond that, the warming Earth and the creatures in it will likely see more closely the extreme weather events and sea level rise, and these developments will increase the ecological and economic impacts. (one)

Similarly, in the chart below, you can examine the change in CO2 values ​​in the air month by month since 2000.

ppm (parts-per-million): Refers to the number of CO2 molecules in each million dry air (water vapor removed) molecules. For example, a ratio of 400 ppm CO2 in air means that there are 400 molecules of CO2 in 1 million air molecules.

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