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Products with the ENERGYSTAR logo mean high quality and performance. ENERGYSTAR certified bulbs to be used have been examined by independent observers and successfully passed extensive tests.

These certified light bulbs indirectly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by providing less energy, lower operating costs and therefore less fossil energy consumption.

Its main advantages are:

  • 70-90% less energy consumption compared to traditional old type (incandescent) bulbs

  • Savings on electricity bills between $ 30- $ 75 based on US pricing

  • Providing the same brightness (lumens) with less power (watts)

  • To reduce climate change factors and help protect the environment


Instead of looking at bulb wattage, we need to look at lumens values.

More lumens = More light

In the table shown on the right, the Watt values of old type incandescent lamps correspond to the Lumens values of ENERGYSTAR lamps.

In ENERGYSTAR Bulbs, the light brightness (lumens) required at the same rate can be met by using less energy required for a bulb.

ENERGYSTAR Bulbs are available in a wide variety of colors. Light color or appearance is matched to temperature values on the Kelvin scale. For example, in the figure below, 2700 K indicates very warm light appearance (warm white), and 6500 K indicates a cold light appearance (such as natural or daylight - midday blue sky).

Correct Lighting and Color Selection:


Lifetime Savings:

ENERGYSTAR certified Bulbs offer 10-25 years longer lifetime than conventional bulbs. For this reason, spending once will make a great contribution to making an economy in the long run. As an example, the following demonstration shows that a spend of $ 30-35 on ENERGYSTAR LED bulbs will suffice, while conventional old-style bulbs require an expenditure of $ 100 in 20 years.


More energy is spent on lighting in an environment than the washing machine, refrigerator and dishwasher combined.

Considering that the average household has around 30 bulbs, the use of ENERGYSTAR certified products makes significant savings possible.


In the video on the right, 4 conditions that may be required for bulb selection are specified. These are as follows:

  1. Is there an ENERGYSTAR emblem on the package?

  2. It should not be forgotten that the lumens value is related to the measurement of brightness and not to the Watt.

  3. Recommended usage area in ampoule package should be taken into consideration.

  4. A light color selection should be made in the range of warm and cold.

4 suggestions when buying ampoules:

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