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Grass Stone


They are cast-in-place or precast-permeable reinforced concrete coating systems to reduce impermeable surfaces and increase the drainage of the existing area.

Usage Areas and Advantages

Although it is not a building element, grass stone product is an environmentally friendly coating system with high load carrying capacity. It helps to use the usage areas around the buildings with minimum impact on the environment and to be used as roads and parking areas for vehicles.

Thanks to the porous structure of the product, the effect of floods is reduced; On very rainy days, especially in distorted urbanization where the drainage of rain water cannot be done well, grass stone acts as a natural drainage and as it rains, it brings the rain water to the soil and prevents the formation of puddles. Thanks to its natural appearance, it is also used as walking paths in your garden, while it does not spoil the natural view of the green area.

It is ideal for use on slopes to provide erosion control in open area parking lots, areas with very low traffic density such as garage entry-exit roads. In addition, as it is known, asphalt roads absorb heat in summer heat and cause the formation of heat islands (that is, environments where normal summer weather conditions are felt warmer due to improper construction). This type of grass stone applications, on the other hand, have a reducing effect on heat island formation. In a nutshell, grass stone;

Environmental Benefits
  • Controlling, absorption and drainage of rainwater flow

  • Reducing the heat island effect

  • Increasing the green area of the environment

  • Taking measures against erosion, protection of slope (sloping land)

  • Possibility to be produced from recycled material content

Economic Benefits
  • Long life cycle (Long life cycle)

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Quickly laid for large areas (precast grass stone)

In the video above, you can examine the on-site casting grass stone manufacturing step by step.

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