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Bill Gates prepares to invest $ 1 billion in clean energy technology


Bill Gates (1) , the richest person in the world with a fortune of $ 79 billion , should be aware of the problems (such as global warming, climate change, social injustice) that the Earth brings with it while providing energy, he considers investment in clean energy technologies seriously and Therefore, it plans to invest $ 1 billion in the next 5 years.

As Bill Gates previously pointed out in "TED talk " (2) , we have to organize and support the systems of all sectors that develop the economy without emitting CO2.

Climate change events affect people living in poor countries worstly. High temperatures, unpredictable weather events increase the risks that can wipe out the farmers' fields and livelihoods altogether.

Bill Gates, temiz enerji teknoloji üzerine 1 Milyar $ yatırıma hazırlanıyor

Moreover, declining food production can increase hunger and malnutrition, as well as widen and deepen disease, poverty, and social imbalance (although we have reached the tremendous heights of technology).

In addition, finding mitigation solutions to climate change, affordable clean energy production will help fight poverty. For example, photovoltaic cells have become about 10 times cheaper in the last 10 years. And batteries that store renewable energy sources have become much more efficient and less expensive. US carbon emissions of around 10% as compared to 2007, Germany in 1990, compared to 20% more than was reduced.

According to Bill Gates' opinion, with today's technology, it does not seem possible to reduce the targeted 80% carbon emissions by 2050. Existing wind and solar-based energy systems require backup energy sources - that is, fossil fuels - because of factors such as windless days, long cloudy weather and night time, renewable energy is not permanent. At the same time, renewable energy generation requires much more space. The same amount of energy obtained from a coal enterprise can only be met by a wind energy field established on an area of more than 10 times.

However, this negative picture can be corrected. If we create the right environment for innovation, we can accelerate the pace of progress, improve and create new solutions. At the end of this, we can provide reliable, affordable energy to everyone without any carbon emissions. We can also prevent worst climate change scenarios by eradicating poverty, growing more efficient food and reducing pollution.

Bill Gates, temiz enerji teknoloji üzerine 1 Milyar $ yatırıma hazırlanıyor
Bill Gates, temiz enerji teknoloji üzerine 1 Milyar $ yatırıma hazırlanıyor

According to Bill Gates, it is necessary to take 3 main steps for this:

1 - Create Incentives for Innovation

Innovative clean energy solutions should be developed with the support of governments. Currently, several billion dollars in total annually are invested in research on zero-carbon technologies around the world. This has to be doubled or even tripled.

Why should governments support these investments before companies do? Because this is a public benefit study and research results will benefit the general public the most. At the same time, the interest of private investors will increase in direct proportion.

Bill Gates is investing in companies working on new batteries and other energy storage methods and solar energy technology. On the nuclear issue, studies on safer and solving nuclear waste problems constitute a part of their investments. He also emphasizes that if governments make these investments quicker, they will provide a faster transition to clean energy production and give us a chance to tackle fewer global problems.

2- Development of the zero carbon market

In the field of energy generation, a tax can be applied to energy companies for factors that negatively affect society and the environment. For example, practices such as health, environmental damage, carbon emission tax can be regulated. If renewable energy is brought to a pricing level that is competitive with fossil resources, the interest of innovative people in this field will increase over time.

Today, many countries are seeking to experiment with different ways of carbon pricing. Whichever way we draw, we must present incentive programs and proposals for new energy solutions while trying to ensure zero carbon planning and regulation of power generation companies.

Bill Gates, temiz enerji teknoloji üzerine 1 Milyar $ yatırıma hazırlanıyor

3- Being honest with poor countries

The countries that cause most of these global problems have the greatest responsibility in the elimination of these problems. The occurrence of global climate changes will inevitably make the most severe effects felt in poor countries. Therefore, the less developed countries should be worked together and helped to minimize the effects of climate change and to adapt to climate change. (3)

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