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Tree Bark Building Materials


Like hemp and rubber, bark is a sustainable material that has been used both around the world for sustainably built structures for years. (4) The bark is harvested primarily from Quercus suber (Mushroom Oak) for commercial use of bark tissue (phellem layer) and is native to Southwest Europe and Northwest Africa. Tree bark is used in a variety of products because of its hydrophobic substance, suberin (a waxy substance that does not dissolve in water and water) (1), and because of its waterproof, flexible, elastic and fire-resistant properties; The most important of these are wine stoppers. (2nd)

In recent years, many people sensitive to sustainable materials have discovered the suitability of using bark in building projects. It is an important practice to use this natural resource to protect the environment and the world we all live in. (4)

Ağaç Kabuğu Malzemeleri
Similar uses - Straw, adobe and bark

There are many types of sustainable bricks on the market for you to choose from. Some people use the relatively larger brick options. For example, stackable straw is made into bales and can be applied to walls for thermal insulation. (Straw Thermal Conductivity Values ​​(λ) = 0.05 - 0.07 W / mK, are very low.) (3) It is widely used, especially in Great Britain. However, other people used to use a mixture of mud brick , clay, straw, and water to insulate their homes or buildings. These two types of bricks have a long history, and humanity has used these materials for centuries. However, new research and technological advances have shown that bark can also be used in some building projects. (4)

Sustainable material must not only be environmentally friendly, but also cost-effective in order to compete with market conditions. One of the biggest problems with environmentally friendly materials was that it was considered inefficient for quality building construction. However, bark can change these judgments and replace unsustainable materials used in construction projects in many parts of the world. (4)

In the construction industry ; It is suitable for use in bark, heat and sound insulation products, concrete additives (5), floors and wall coverings. In addition to being resistant to fire, it has been determined that it reduces heat loss by 36% as an insulation material in walls and 53% in roofs. (Fuller 1961, Oliveira 1991) (6) At the same time, it can be achieved to prevent soil moisture loss in mulch and compost production and landscaping, thus reducing irrigation and increasing the amount of soil organic matter and productivity. (5)

An important feature of tree bark is that it is easy to collect in nature and is abundant. There are hectares of tree bark resources in the world. This makes tree bark a plentiful resource that can be regenerated much faster than it can be used for construction projects. Currently, on a proportionate basis, bark is preferable to limited materials such as wood in Portugal and many other parts of the world. (4)

For wood production, forests are often destroyed and the ecosystem deteriorates. It is unfortunate that such productions continue while alternative products can be used. However, societies with an understanding of sustainability have started to use tree bark and similar renewable materials to reverse this trend. (4)

Suitable tree species should be determined for the collection of bark. (oak, birch, etc.) Tree barks are separated from the tree in a controlled and sufficient thickness (if it is a living tree), then delivered to the enterprises to bring the desired material type to the size and process, or they can be used to make many different products in the home.

Ağaç Kabuğu Malzemeleri
Collection and Production of Tree Bark
Ağaç Kabuğu Malzemeleri
Ağaç Kabuğu Dış Cephe Kaplama
The Future of Tree Bark and Model Building Material Types

Using unsustainable materials in your construction projects, sending a clear message to people and organizations that are harming nature and using sustainable resources, and using tree bark to support this idea practically will help you both save money and make a positive contribution to the environment. In this regard, I recommend you to take a look at the range of Cradle to Cradle Certified PLATINUM certified roofing and wall panels , for example, from Bark House.

Also, in his TED talk, Patrick Spencer , founder of Cork Forest Conservation Alliance (2008 ) about cork / bark of tree, explains the well-known mistakes about bark and sustainability.

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