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Accoya® Wood Materials


The usage area of wood materials has a very important place and diversity in the building sector. At the same time, in terms of being a forest product, it is an indispensable part of the ecosystem. For this reason, when choosing wood products, it is a matter of question whether the material meets the standards defined within the scope of sustainability or not.

About Accoya ® wood materials;

What internationally recognized standards does it have in terms of sustainability?

It confirms that forest-based products consist of well-managed forest ingredients.

Click on the logo for detailed information about the standard. The FSC standard is valid until July 2017. For details, you can examine the FSC site separately.

It is a certification system that evaluates the sustainability values of the material and environmental and health criteria from the first production to its final use. Click on the logo for detailed information about the standard.

According to this system, Accoya® Wood Materials has achieved C2C Gold certification. C2C Gold certification alder and pinus radiata (Radiata Pine and Aldi) are within the material on the page views on the validity of the certificate until the end of June 2017 içinc2c vardır.detay you can .

What are the application areas?

* Door & Window

* Facade Coating

* Shutters & Shutters

* Poolside flooring & Deck

* Channels & Marinas

* Bridges and Other Structures

* Decorative

* Landscape and Construction Works

* Garden Furniture

What are the main advantages it offers?

* 50-year durability warranty on the ground, 25-year under-floor or in contact with fresh water

* The degree to which it can preserve its original dimensions   its ability to maintain dimensional stability. In other words, long-term protection against conditions such as paint throwing, swelling, cracking

* The fact that it has standards such as FSC and C2C Gold , which proves that it applies factors such as obtaining from sustainable sources , controlled production, non-toxic, completely reusable, confirms this situation.

* Ideal for painting and coating on wood

Where and How can I buy?

Kotil Foreign Trade

Address: Ardınç Sokak No: 16 Bostancı / İstanbul

Tel: +90 (216) 410 25 76-86

Fax: +90 (216) 361 01 87



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