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About Wales Swansea Tide Project

Why can this project be an example for a Sustainable project?

The Gulf of Wales Swansea, which is a region with the most tidal events in the world, causes tides twice a day every day, causing a sea water level difference of 7-9 meters. If the water level difference is controlled as in dams. potential energy will be converted into mechanical energy and then into electrical energy.

According to the information contained in the promotional video on the project's website:

The project will encompass an 11.5 km2 bay and provide 9.5 km of walking path.

As I mentioned before, sustainability should bring along economic, environmental and social opportunities. This project takes place in these stages as follows:

Swansea Gel-Git Projesi



* When this project is completed, people in the region will have the opportunity to work in this power plant.

* Thanks to those who come to visit this project from the surrounding cities, tourism and economy will be stimulated.

* Technology and piece equipment to be used in the project will be provided domestically, thus helping the development of the local sector.

* For example, in terms of economy, the foundation of the walkway will be built by compacting the sand taken from the sea and using it as a filling. Both natural materials and economy will be made


* Fish and marine plant fields will be established in the surrounding lake

* Within the scope of marine ecosystem regeneration, projects and trainings on marine creatures will be carried out around 10 km2 of the sea.

Social / Society:

* Providing the opportunity to travel with 9.2 km of walking, cycling and even electric train

* To organize international or local cycling, sailing competitions and recreation and sports facilities

* Providing visitors with an entertaining environment at any time of the day with a sustainable building and tidal energy, technology and sea view applied in the project (lighting arranged in the evening will be sourced from the power plant to be installed)

* At the same time, the opportunity to organize practical training for every student group from primary school to university.

Swansea Gel-Git Projesi

Apart from that, the project is about energy production;

Tides occurring 2 times a day means that it creates currents in the turbines 4 times and energy will be produced 24 hours a day. In the project, which will consist of 26 turbines in total, only 1 of them will have the capacity to produce 16 MW energy with 6 meters width and 18 meters length.

The project is planned to start at the end of 2015, to connect to the electricity grid and to realize the first energy generation in early 2019.

According to the current situation, companies are at the stage of bidding for project construction and maintenance.

For more details:

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