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Monte Rosa Hut, Zermatt, Switzerland (Alpine Club)


General Information:

Monte Rosa Hut (altitude 2.883 m), located at the foot of the Monte Rosa massif, has been a popular place for hikers and climbers since 2009. The striking and ultra-modern building is almost self-sufficient in energy (around 90%), with a water collection system (snow water from the mountains), solid waste and wastewater treatment systems.

When viewed from the outside, apart from the fact that the building sits on the foot of the mountain and is not accessible by any road or path, it was designed independently from the electricity network, pipeline or drainage system.

Operated by SAC (Swiss Alpine Club - Swiss Alpine Club) in the Monte Rosa section, the mountain shelter reflects the light and scenery of the high altitude environment with its dazzling aluminum façade. The building, construction method and related technologies ETH Zurich 'one Dr. Developed by students under the direction of Meinrad K. Eberle. The building has great energy needs

meets the extent; waste water is recyclable. The club continues to be a research subject to ETH Zurich in the fields of energy and construction technology.

Opened in September 2009 and named "rock cristal" in the following years, the shelter attracted many visitors due to its innovative architecture and design. The hut is a popular accommodation destination for mountaineers and ski tour enthusiasts, especially during the summer months.

The old hut was destroyed.

On 14 July 2011, the old Monte Rosa hut, slightly below the new shelter, was destroyed by the Swiss army. The reason is that due to the removal of the old hut, the construction of the new hut should be allowed and, in principle, there should be no unused buildings in these highly sensitive areas around the highest peaks of the Alps.

BedZED Konut Projesi

The Monte Rose Hut project, whose main axis is sustainability , aims not to compromise the comfort of its guests while ensuring self-sufficiency from beginning to end and keeping the building alive in harmony with the environment.

At the same time, managing this structure, which is approximately 3000 meters high, with a remote control system, determining the needs in advance (for example, how much energy can be produced in the future according to weather forecasts, how much can be used, drinking water needs, solid waste management, etc.) are continuously monitored and For ETC Zurich university students and academics, the structure continues to be a unique laboratory in every respect, offering research and development opportunities.



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