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Australia - Giant Tomato Field

( without soil and sweet water)


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This enormous farm grows 15% of Australian tomatoes without soil, freshwater or fossil fuels!

Did you know that there is a way to grow tons of fresh fruits and vegetables with the source of salt water and solar energy? The good people at SunDrop Farms are doing just that by growing 15 percent of the country's total tomato production through their operations in Australia.

Production plant obtained from a nearby bay seawater, arındırılıy from the salt by the reflected heat of the sun, and fresh water derived therefrom, in renewable production cycle revolutionary hydroponic (mineral water without using soil nutrients using solutions plant is growing method - Wikipedia) grown products on sprinkled.

SunDrop Farms ' business is fossil fuel free , sweet, waterless and hydroponic . At the same time, the need for some, if not all, of the financially and environmentally most expensive elements of agricultural work is eliminated. According to the news published in Aljazeera , the company states that with the sustainable growth method, they prevent "26,000 tons of carbon dioxide" emission every year, they can save clean water equivalent to 180 Olympic swimming pools and more than two million liters of diesel fuel per year; They emphasize that we should alleviate the expectations of this rapidly growing human population from Mother Nature.

The business area is surrounded by mirrors to reflect the sun at the center point of a massive tower. The tower is warmed by the sun's rays reflected from the mirrors to maintain a constant temperature for the greenhouses and desalinate one million liters of seawater per day.

15,000 tons of tomatoes grown in these farms in Australia are sold to local grocery chains every year. SunDrop Farms has businesses in Australia , the UK and the USA and hopes to expand its "advanced and sustainable technology " goals to other parts of the world in the near future.

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