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Freiburg, Vauban, Germany About the Project


Philosophy / Understanding:

Before stating the details of the project, I would like to give some information about the philosophy and general understanding of the work.

In the basic framework of this project, it is aimed to bring ecological, social and cultural requirements together in the project in a participatory cooperation. The most distinctive feature of the project is that the people living in the region decide how the project should be developed and their direct contribution.

The project objectives have been set forth with multi-dimensional approaches, and the importance given to the quality and performance of the buildings has been given to the development of the society in the region at the same rate. (one)

Freiburg, Vauban Sürdürülebilir Proje

Before the city council put forward the final project, it was left to answer all the questions of the co-housing groups in order to determine the general lines of the project. Thus, the direct involvement of the residents in the region contributed to their adoption of the project and the development of their sense of belonging.

For example, in this respect, they found the solution in the cogeneration (CHP-combined heat and power) unit, passive house and advanced energy strategies, which are based on wood shavings, to ensure low energy consumption of homes and to adopt the centralized system. The CHP unit is connected to the grid with a district heating system to use 80% wood shavings and 20% natural gas energy resources. Thanks to efficiency and insulation methods in energy supply, they have achieved a reduction in carbon emissions of 80% , reducing both economic and environmental damages. (2nd)


Vauban, this region with a population of up to 5000 and a business potential of up to 600, is located 4 km south of the city center of Freiburg and symbolizes a new neighborhood concept.

Construction works started in the mid-1990s of the project. All houses are built in accordance with low energy consumption standards. The above-mentioned CHP system was supported by solar thermal panels and panels. Freiburg, Vauban is the first in the world in terms of collective housing, in terms of providing positive energy contribution to the total of all houses. One of the most advantageous aspects of this is that by selling surplus solar energy to city electricity grids, the income generated is returned to the home owners as a profit. (3)

Freiburg, Vauban Sürdürülebilir Proje
Freiburg, Vauban Sürdürülebilir Proje


The main means of transport in Vauban are your bicycle and your feet. The area is connected to Freiburg city center by tram and the tram stops are within walking distance of the houses, providing easy access. In 2009, about 70% of homeowners stopped using private cars. Likewise, there has been a decrease in the number of car owners over time.

According to preliminary studies and reviews, the main means of transportation for cycling and many other activities, such as commuting and shopping, was the bicycle. In the project, it should be said that the planned order of the district played a role in the formation of this priority in walking and cycling. (3)

Based on previous experience, the driveway passes outside the neighborhood to restrict the use of cars within the neighborhood. On the other hand, it is possible to conclude that the walking and cycling paths intersect in the neighborhood from time to time, aiming to increase the social environment and bring different groups together. For this, you can examine the transportation scheme on the right.

Another issue is that vehicles cannot park in Vauban. However, it can be accepted in the neighborhood in a short time to leave someone, to bring or take something. Although there are not many official controls for this, the operation of the system is tied to social consensus. Also, each year, homeowners are required to sign a declaration for the car parking space, regardless of whether they own a car or not. Accordingly, they have to pay 17500 euros for one time plus a monthly service fee. (2006 application) (3)

Freiburg, Vauban Sürdürülebilir Proje

In the above plan created with Google Earth, * red line - driveway

* green line - pedestrian / bicycle path * yellow line - locally used street / street

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